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Brock Supply High Heat Auto Sealant & Adhesive 10.2oz Cartridge

SKU: ADS3954

10.2oz Cartridge - RTV silicone sealant for professional automotive use.

Ideal for securing heat tabs to engines - gasoline, marine, or diesel.

Brock Supply High Heat is a "must have" for shops and garages, doing double duty as the preferred sealant for securing heat tabs to engines as well as an RTV silicone sealant for professional automotive.

  • More useful: not only for heat tabs but also a gasket maker and sealant.
  • Better performance: higher heat tolerance and better adhesion.
  • Better value: lower price with more usefulness.

Use Brock Supply High Heat for:

  • Adhesion of engine heat tabs.
  • Gasket making/sealing.
  • Adhesion of trim, joints and other automotive components.

Volume Pricing Available
Order 24 or more for a reduced price of $7.75/ea.

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