We are the leading source for engine heat tabs and heat tab adhesive used for engine temperature monitoring by the engine builder, rebuilder, and repair industry. We offer heat tabs for gasoline, diesel, and marine engine applications in either generic or private label versions. Our heat tabs are U.S. tested and certified, proven to perform with over 25 million sold.

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  • Our Promise

    We pride ourselves on quality. That's why we only source and sell professional grade engine heat tabs. Our tabs are:

    • Tested and Certified in a U.S. independent labratory to ensure adherence to stringent performance specifications
    • Designed specifically for gasoline, diesel and marine engine temperature monitoring
    • Engineered in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
    • Proven with millions sold and used across the globe
  • Custom Private Label

    We offer the best deal for custom private label engine heat tabs, diesel engine heat tabs, and marine engine heat tabs. Get them with FREE SHIPPING, NO SETUP FEE and a SUPER LOW MINIMUM!

  • If an engine you built or remanufactured is brought back in on a claim of poor workmanship when in fact it was due to engine overheating and you have no reliable engine temperature monitoring system in place, then you are instantly in "our word vs. the customer's word" territory. Learn more >>

  • We offer the best deal for custom private label gasoline, diesel and marine engine heat tabs, with FREE SHIPPING,NO SETUP FEE and a SUPER LOW MINIMUM. We also offer more room for your name, with 12 characters. Get your custom name registered today before it is taken! Learn more by visiting our wholesale website.

  • Since we specialize in Engine Heat Tabs, our cost is low, and we pass those savings onto you. You can buy in large or small quantities and know that you are getting the best deal. See our inventory >>