About Us

EngineHeatTabs.com is the leading online source for engine heat tabs and related supplies for remanufactured engine builders, auto repair shops and custom engine builders.

Proven to Perform - Tested and U.S. Certified

Here is why engine builders, remanufacturers and repair shops use us with confidence:

Your engine heat tabs will perform perfectly and reliably. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us to return the unused portion with a copy of your invoice within one year of the original purchase date and we will replace at our cost - no heat or hassle!

We only source and sell high-grade, professionally manufactured engine heat tabs designed specifically for engine temperature monitoring in all environments where they will be expected to perform. These heat tabs are produced using top-quality materials that meet and exceed requirements.

Only our engine heat tabs feature the 5-Point Promise:

  1. DESIGNED specifically for gasoline, diesel or marine engine temperature monitoring
  2. ENGINEERED in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  3. TESTED to ensure adherence to stringent design specifications
  4. PROVEN - literally millions of them have been sold and used
  5. CERTIFIED to perform and melt at the proper melting point

The result is a highly reliable engine heat tab your business can depend on.

EngineHeatTabs.com is brought to you by Brock Supply, a leading provider of wholesale auto parts to the automotive industry since 1960.  We deliver outstanding product and service, offering you:

Our engine heat tabs are priced as low as possible and are highly competitive versus the market. We are able to factor the very high quality of the product along with handling, shipping, fees and our exceptional customer service into one low price. An unbeatable value!

Orders are received, entered, packed and shipped the very same day you order it (provided it is a business day). We know your order is important and it is treated as such. Our goal is to eliminate delays and minimize the time it takes for you to get your product.

All orders are shipped with tracking to make sure you receive your order as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible.

YOU are our priority! When you have a question or concern, contact us right away. Count on receiving a prompt reply and courteous service. Our Customer Service department is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST (excluding major holidays). Contact us now.