Why Heat Tabs

Put very simply - it's about protection.

The costs that go into building or rebuilding an engine are very high. Labor time can be very extensive with many hours poured into a single project. Even assembly-line style remanufacturing involves a considerable amount of time. Supplies, materials, tools, and testing bring the costs even higher. Engine builders, motor rebuilders and remanufactured engine producers have to ensure costs are covered in every transaction and that the life of the product is long enough to not result in added costs.

When an engine suffers a major failure, those costs can go sky-high without the proper controls in place. If an engine you built or remanufactured is brought back in on a claim of poor workmanship when in fact it was due to engine overheating and you have no reliable engine temperature monitoring system in place then you are instantly in "our word vs. the customer's word" territory. Countless auto shops have suffered and even died in that unforgiving space. Don't let yourself go there!

To protect your financial health, buy high quality, reliable engine heat tabs from EngineHeatTabs.com to use on every single engine you produce and let out into the world. If you are not covering your rebuilt engine with a warranty, you are open to customers coming back with claims and no agreed-upon terms to handle them; engine heat tabs might be your last and only line of defense. We recommend making sure you have a sound warranty that specifies the presence of engine heat tabs for engine temperature monitoring and how they are used in diagnosis of a returned rebuilt or remanufactured engine.

At the end of the day, the difference between success and failure in business is all too often reputation. Whether running a major remanufactured engine business, busy auto repair shop offering full service including engine rebuilding, or a sole proprietor doing custom engine building by the order for specialty applications - you need to have every single thing you do build your reputation.

When customers have a bad experience they remember it. They also tell people about it. In today's world, they post it right here on the Internet. Post it once and it's there to be read over and over by anyone who decides to look up whether they should put a lot of money into doing business with you. What will your prospective customers read? That you treat customers fairly, offer a sound product, and hold everyone to the same level of honesty and integrity you offer (which is what is implied by using engine heat tabs for engine temperature monitoring)? Or will they read about customers who bought an engine rebuild or remanufactured engine from you, had a major failure, and took it back only to get into an argument about whether or not it was their fault vs. the shop. It doesn’t matter what the truth is - your business is who will look bad in that scenario.

With high quality, reliable engine heat tabs in play from the beginning, you can avoid this entire threat to your reputation when a customer comes in with a claim. One check of the engine heat tabs will show whether overheating is a factor, which normally steers it without question into one direction or another. Only engine heat tabs offer inarguable, easy-to-understand scientific validation that will shut down many arguments and eliminate the extremely high cost to your reputation they will cause. Easily avoidable when you buy heat tabs online from a high quality reseller such as EngineHeatTabs.com

Even when the economy is doing well, people are often looking for an edge or advantage where they can get it. You already deal with attempted fraud in many forms on a nearly daily basis. Today's difficult economy has given rise to even more opportunists who are specifically looking for something to exploit.

We all know those auto shops and remanufactured engine providers who make themselves a target. They are eager to do the work (who wouldn't be?) but don't back it up with protection for themselves and the warranty they offer. A customer who paid several thousand dollars on an engine rebuild or remanufactured engine and burns their motor down within a few weeks or months due to negligent operation is an immediate candidate to try sticking YOUR business with the bill. Unsubstantiated claims of poor workmanship are hard to defend against when there isn't conclusive, inarguable evidence on hand.

Make no mistake - false claims are theft and you need to be protected from the immense costs involved. Prevent this type of customer from stealing from you. Use high quality, reliable engine heat tabs from EngineHeatTabs.com in conjunction with a proper warranty and up-front customer notification to make it clear to anyone who might think about stealing from you that your business will NOT be their easy target.


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